• Learning to Teach PowerShell

    I spend a reasonable amount of time on the PowerShell Slack team (click here for invites) and we regularly have people new to PowerShell dropping in and asking questions, it recently got me thinking about the way in which I (and the many others) help people with these problems but also how I teach people in general.

    Warning: This is likely to be a somewhat rambling post.

  • Find all versions of the same file

    While on site with a customer recently we discovered that their VSTS build for producing their Selenium tests was producing around 800MB of artifacts, this seemed pretty high for something that should just be producing a bunch of test DLLs. So I turned to PowerShell to figure out what was actually being produced and where it was.

  • Install MIM Portal with PowerShell

    Following on from my earlier post about installing MIM Sync I’ve moved on to installing MIM Portal and Service via PowerShell DSC.

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