About me

I’m an automation enthusiast with a focus on PowerShell and the Microsoft stack, living in the north of England. I currently work for Sage as a Live Services Specialist, supporting a number of production services hosted in Azure and AWS. I’ve been using PowerShell for over 7 years and make use of it daily for all my automation.

I contribute to a variety of open source projects and they can all be found on my Github linked below.

I’m always available to speak at user groups and other events about almost anything PowerShell or Azure DevOps related. I’ve spoken at a number of UK user groups previously, at the PowerShell and DevOps Summit, at PSConfEU, PSConfAsia, and WinOps London.

About this blog

This blog will likely end up full of various problems I’ve fixed with PowerShell and at least some of the scripts I’ve used to do that. It’s mostly aimed at being a log to help me remember what I did if I encounter a problem again and can’t find the script but hopefully it helps others if they find it.

I’ll likely also document some of the sessions I’ve attended at various user groups and any sessions I’ve given myself.

Contact Details




Email: my twitter handle @